The New Era of Playgrounds

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With 30 agencies and over 480 employees managing more than 20,000 playgrounds, Récré’Action stands as the leader in French playground installation and maintenance. Despite numerous variables to consider (teams, depots, maintenance equipment, stock of equipment and games, vehicles, etc.), the company had no uniform logistic management until now: team scheduling on paper, billing on non-shared software, product catalog and reporting managed manually... and the rest through oral communication, email or SMS.

Our goal? To fully digitize the company to achieve uniformity, organization, and responsiveness.

Technologies used

  • AWS EC2 / RDS / S3 / CloudFront
  • Apache 2 / HTTP 2
  • PHP 8.3 / MySQL 8
  • Symfony 6.4 / ApiPlatform 3
  • Interconnexion bi-directionnelle SAP / Service Now
  • TypeScript
  • React
  • MUI
  • Storybook
  • Jest / React Testing Library
  • Java Android
  • Consultation / Workshops / Specifications
  • Complete Intranet/Extranet Development
  • API and Android Application
  • Annual Maintenance Support Contract
  • UX / UI Interface Design


To facilitate the day-to-day logistics of Récré’Action, we created an intranet/extranet platform aimed at standardizing and centralizing data and business management (material and commercial organization, process automation, team and mission planning, real-time monitoring...). Each field team also received a tablet and an Android application - secure and connected to an API via a 4G key - to guide them through their daily planning (route optimization, anomaly reporting, creation of automated reports for the client...).

Following the digitization of business and structural processes, Récré’Action has strengthened its overall management, responsiveness, and cost control, reinforcing its leadership position and now offering optimal service quality. We continue to handle all the evolving demands of the company's various platforms.



  • Platform accessible to all (administrator, salesperson, client, employee, etc.)
  • Management of warehouses, equipment, inventory, teams, vehicles + commercial aspects (quotes, invoices, deposits...) + clients, employees, and teams
  • Complete digitization of the order process (comment, distribute, estimate, check, order, dispatch, receive, plan, prepare, execute, validate, deliver).
  • Planning of teams and maintenance tasks according to mission constraints (necessary equipment, available vehicles, optimization of travel...)
  • Automatic generation of a Gantt chart and critical path for installation projects, taking into account numerous characteristics (business days, linked orders, stock, manufacturing, weather, waiting tasks, subcontracting, ...)
  • Management of each client's assets (sites, games, equipment, flooring)
  • Automatic creation of commercial brochures and equipment catalogs from manufacturers
  • Supply management (orders, inventory, manufacturing)
  • Logistics management (shipping, storekeeper planning)
  • Time tracking (team assignment, summaries & delays)
  • Automatic ordering of necessary parts if anomalies are detected on site
  • "Emergency intervention" feature for the client
  • Dashboard, reporting, notifications, asset tracking, profitability indicators...


  • Secure app
  • Real-time planning of team tasks and missions
  • Offline management and later synchronization to the API in case of 4G network loss
  • Geolocation, route optimization, and GPS guidance
  • Creation of automated mission reports for the client + real-time tracking
  • Anomaly reporting with photo capture


Our intervention streamlined business management, enhanced responsiveness, and optimized time through automated processes and better resource utilization. This optimization reduced the carbon footprint and strengthened service transparency and quality, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Moreover, the introduction of financial reporting improved performance tracking and asset management.

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