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Established in 2009, VogAvecMoi is the first service dedicated to co-sailing. True to its nickname, the 'Blablacar of the sea', this site connects boat owners and crew members to sail together. Initially, a version 1 of the site was created by a freelancer: this version allowed for testing the concept, building a community of boat owners and crew members, and recognizing the market's potential for monetization.

After attempting to finance through advertising, an alternative business model was adopted: a monthly subscription for access to certain premium features. Seeking a lasting partnership, 4HAW thus called on our services to evolve the platform.

Technologies used

  • AWS EC2 / RDS / S3 / CloudFront
  • Apache 2 / HTTP 2
  • PHP 8.3 / MySQL 8
  • Symfony 6.4
  • React
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Storybook
  • Jest / React Testing Library
  • Consultation / Specifications
  • Development of a Payment Module + Improvement of V1
  • Development of V2 + V3
  • Development of Vogfleet & Vogweek
  • Evolutionary Maintenance


Our goal? To establish VogAvecMoi as the leader in maritime co-sailing in France, and enable the site to achieve financial stability. Our mission was to evolve the site according to the needs and expectations of the community, while allowing each user to navigate intuitively. To meet these multiple challenges, we created a complete, social, scalable, and multilingual platform - to anticipate international expansion - based primarily on human connections. A site offering a quality experience to the niche sector of sailing.

Today, VogAvecMoi.com is the market leader in co-sailing. Profitable since 2015 thanks to its new economic model, VogAvecMoi has a growing number of paying members and stands as one of the main online communities for French-speaking boaters. We continue to manage all the evolving requests of the platform.


Vogavecmoi Platform Features

  • User management, including their sailing preferences, boat details and specifics - boat owner/crew ads - subscription plans and granular access restrictions to the platform - financial benefits and membership gifts
  • Advanced search and targeted matching based on user data and preferences
  • Personalized and relevant ad suggestions/notifications
  • Crew manager and connection tool
  • Event/flotilla organization
  • Comprehensive blog - Forum
  • Contact system, friend requests, and rating system
  • Ad saving feature
  • Internal messaging system
  • E-commerce (inventory, variants, currencies, shipping, shipping costs, discount codes, etc.)
  • Payment system, recurring subscriptions, cancellation (Paybox integration)
  • Advanced dynamic newsletter tool (Mailchimp integration)
  • Comprehensive back-office and advanced moderation tool
  • Referral and discount system
  • Reporting, data analysis
  • Custom widget creation for integration on third-party sites
  • Automated invoice generation (Sellsy integration)


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